I just made a relationship page! You can go and check it out if you want, I think I got just about everyone that I rp with on there. If there’s a question mark next to your relationship status it just means we haven’t rped enough yet for me to really nail down the relationship between Star and your character. But making the page was fun so… enjoy!!!

Nightmares (Open RP)

Sweat drenched sheets twisted tight around Star’s body like a straight jacket. The specters of her past came alive in the darkness of her mind, tormenting her with the memory of the ones she could not protect. As the nightmare reached its climax some small part of Star’s brain jolted her awake to try and preserve what sanity she still retained.

Star wildly jerked free of the sheets. She was breathing heavily, eyes wide and face pale. She had a terrible sensation in the pit of her stomach and feared she might vomit. Star’s heart still beat wildly in her chest as she pushed herself out of bed and on to shaky feet. With quick, stumbling steps Star crossed the room and slammed the door open, nearly falling into the hallway she pressed her head against the wall, gasping and shaking when the sound of footsteps drew her attention to someone at the end of the hall.

Welcome Home

Star made her way slowly up the inclined gravel driveway. Fields filled with tall grass stretched to meet forest on either side. The end of the very long driveway curled around a stand of trees and out of sight to where it met the main road. 

Star shifted the bag on her shoulder to a more comfortable position. It was amazing how much the driveway grew when she was tired. Although honestly driveway was an understatement. It was more like a private road. 

Off to the left was a small square of land surrounded by a low stone wall. Inside were five tombstones. Star paused here. She smiled faintly at the tombstones and said: “I’m home.”

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