Mis-Spelled || askonepiecepirates

Star finished tracing the last symbol on the stone floor with chalk. She stood up and dusted off her hands. Within the circle gem stones were placed at specific locations to maximized the amount of energy used. Star carefully stepped into the middle. She pulled a knife from it’s sheath by her waist and cut her finger, letting a few drops of blood fall into the center of the circle. This would create a binding between herself and the warrior she hoped to summon. Pressing her hands together in a prayer like fashion, Star began to recite the incantation. A few lines in, there came a clap like thunder and a rush of wind and energy as a door between worlds was torn open. The resulting cataclysm tossed Star head over heels out of the circle. Star rubbed her head and then looked up, trying to see who she had summoned through the clearing dust storm raised by the force of the spell.